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Heylama is the best flashcard app for learning vocabulary

A flexible flashcard app for dedicated learners. Alternative to Anki and Quizlet.

Powered by spaced repetition

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Heylama is an effective vocabulary app for dedicated language learners

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Add vocabulary

Add your own vocabulary or discover new words and phrases with the Vocab Explorer.


Practice it

Practice on web or messengers.
Our spaced repetition algorithm will schedule a perfect review time for each vocabulary.


Master it

Once the algorithm is confident that you've memorized the vocabulary, it'll be marked as "mastered"

How is Heylama different from other flashcard apps?

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Our messenger coach works wonders

Heylama Telegram coach makes vocabulary practice effortless. It sends you smart review reminders and lets you practice and memorize your vocabulary on the go.

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Are you a teacher?

Learn why the best language teachers choose Heylama to help their students build extensive vocabulary.

Heylama for teachers: best flashcard app for language teachers

How is Heylama different from other flashcard apps?

Heylama hires only best teachers
Simple, functional design

Minimalist design with only one priority - help you practice vocabulary with no distraction.

Heylama practice app makes it easy to learn and practice vocabulary
Automatic translation & pronunciation

When adding new vocabulary, Heylama will automatically suggest a translation. Once you save it, we'll create a high-quality pronunciation audio as well!

Heylama practice app makes it easy to learn and practice vocabulary
Practice on Telegram

Heylama coach is available on Telegram. Stay consistent with smart notifications and a conversation-like review experience.

Heylama personalizes the learning experience to your needs
Vocabulary explorer

Discover new vocabulary in a fun way curated just for you by our AI algorithm.

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Lesson format

Our classes are versatile and adaptive, which means that no two classes are the same. We continuously tailor classes and the curriculum to your needs and goals. Also, your teachers like to have just as much fun in class as you and that’s why they keep it always exciting and fresh.

Heylama lesson format
Digital games and challenges instead of boring homework checks
Practical materials & no textbook
Three-step process for real progress
German learners love Heylama ❤️

"My teacher was just amazing. She was funny and supportive. The app made it so easy to practice what we learned in the class."

Annisa, A2

"Heylama is very special! they are building their own learning apps and teachers use so many fun tools. Make learning fun and effective."

Yash, B1

"Die Gruppen sind klein und ich konnte viel üben. Das Kaliber der Lehrer ist super hoch. Absolut empfehlenswert."

Masha, B1
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