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the heylama challenge will boost your Germanheylama challenge will boost your German

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HeyLama - Share new vocabulary with your students
On your terms
Every day is unique and you decide what to learn. Seriously, it’s up to you.
HeyLama - Practice and review your vocabulary
Just 10 days
What if we told you that you’ll be amazed at your progress in just 10 days? That's right, we are daring you.
HeyLama - track your progress
Community power
It's not just you and the app — get practical feedback from professional German teachers.
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heylama challenges - improve your speaking skills
heylama challenges - get feedback from professional teachers
heylama challenges - learn with peers
heylama challenges - completion certificate
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Don’t just learn random words or phrases – pick what you can actually use!

Learn practice German with heylama challengesLearn practice German with heylama challenges

Other German learners love it 😍

"I was one of the beta-testers and I'm so happy that I tried it! I joined thinking it was just another app, but it was so much more:
the community and direct feedback from teachers just make it sooooo good."

HeyLama is a productivity tool for Tutors


German Learner, A2

"I loved that the challenge forced me to speak and leave my comfort zone. The support from peers, the heylama team and teachers was very helpful. Ich freue mich auf weitere Challenges!!!"

HeyLama tutor testimonial


German learner, B1

"Heylama challenge is fun, effortless, and supportive. It doesn't make me feel guilty when I make mistakes, but encourages me to speak and keep on going. The community experience is unique that you won't find anywhere else."

HeyLama - the best tool for Language Tutors


German Learner, A2


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10-day heylama German booster challenge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For what level is it?

The challenge is designed for A2-B2 learners.

I just started learning German. Is this for me?

Unfortunately not 🙄. The challenge is designed for learners at A2 level or beyond.
Feel free to come back once you finished a Duolingo or Babbel course!

How much does it cost?

It's free of charge if you sign up now. Prices will go back up in a few weeks.

How much time per day does it take?

It's up to you. If you go fast, you can finish everything in 10 minutes, but if you want to take the most out of it, then you should plan around 30 minutes a day.

What exclusive community are you talking about?

All participants will get an invite to a private participant group on Facebook where you can connect with other challenge-takers, ask questions to our professional teachers, get challenge updates, and receive tips and hacks for learning German.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes! You'll get a certificate that you can add to LinkedIn or just share with your friends.

Still have questions? Get in touch!

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You can’t learn to swim by watching. It’s the same with the German language. Join the challenge and improve your skills along hundreds of other learners.
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